Challenger league


This league is open to all, those who want to learn and those who want to pass on their knowledge or just to everyone who wants to try different positions. 

The objective
To learn in the friendly atmosphere and to have fun.

Wednesday night at 18:45


This league  is base on the concept of "triples". Yes, it is for 3 players, 6 stones, 6 ends (by 3 mini-games of 2 ends) and rotation after 2 ends.

The principle

  1. The game is divided into 3 mini-games of 2 ends, i.e. 6 ends in total;

  2. The hammer changes at each end except for the start of the third mini-game where the losing team will have the hammer first;

  3. The position changes after each 2 ends (mini-game).

Each mini-game is worth 2 points except the third which is worth 4 points. In other words :

  1. Within the mini-game, we count points as in a regular game to determine who wins the mini-game = winner gets 2 points;

  2. This applies to the first mini-game (ends 1 and 2) and the second mini-game (ends 3 and 4);

  3. Third mini-game (ends 5 and 6) is worth 4 points;

  4. In the case of a tie in a mini-game we split the points;

  5. In case of a tie after 6 ends – draw to the button by each player determines the winner of the night;

This avoids a situation of 100 to 0, and gives the losing team a chance to equalize the game and maybe even win the game.