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 Ranking Founder's Trophy 2022-2023

The ranking for the 2022-2023 season will be as per the Founder's Trophy ranking.


Bouchard Marc-André
Cho Sunhi
Côté Michel
Dezan Sarah
Gagnon Michel
Harisson Raphaël
Hapanowicz Mark
Labriet Thierry
Lamarche Elisabeth
Lord Francois
Manning Andrew
Mertl Victoria
Morency Jean
Navarole Matthew
Nicolas Gaetan
Nicolas Jérémy
Parker Derek
Rassart Eric
Roy  Kevin
Therrien Gilles
Zakaib Nathalie

The OPEN LADDER is a round-robin competition played on weeknights throughout the curling season.

Any combinaison of players, men or women. (The skips are encouraged to integrate, wherever possible, the new members in their team)

All games are eight ends.​

In charge: [email protected]

Rules of Ladder, season 2022-2023


Important rules:

Unless otherwise stated in our ladder rules, the rules of THE CANADIAN CURLING ASSOCIATION shall apply including Free Guard Zone (FGZ), Five Rock Rule See link above.

Because of the nature of the game and scheduling of ice-time, IT IS IMPERATIVE TO KEEP GAMES ON TIME. The target duration of a game is 2 hours

OFFICIAL STARTING TIMES (and hour to launch the first stone of the 8th end) for ladder games are to be:

  • Sheet 1: 18h40 (20h35) et 21h00 (22h55)
  • Sheet 2: 18h40 (20h35) et 21h00 (22h55)
  • Sheet 3: 18h40 (20h35) et 21h00 (22h55)