The Ladies Curling Association (LCA) is an organization that was created in 1904 to unite clubs from western Quebec and eastern Ontario and to promote the game of curling.

The games are reserved for women, day or evening and are played in the different clubs of the league.

The St-Lambert club stood out well during the 2022/2023 season, winning or finishing second in several tournaments:

Ted Thompson Challenge (Champions)
Gillies-Wallingford (District 1 Champions, runner-up for the trophy)
Mary McGuire (District 1 Champions, runner-up for the trophy)

Schedule 2023/2024: 2023-2024 schedule of events

Challenge Trophies: 

  • Birks:
    • 2 teams
    • Challenge against Glenmore scheduled December 14th 10AM at our club - We Won !
    • Next challenge against Lacolle in Lacolle January 11th - We Won !
    • Next game against the winners of Section A (Whitlock) for the championship, in Whitlock on March 20, 2024 - Although we played to very good games, we were not able to beat the Whitlock teams who won the trophy
  • Ted Thompson:
    • we were defending our title, we lost agaisnt Royal Montreal, which continues in the challenge
  • Dudley Kerr
    • scheduled March 20th at Whitlock - OUr team compsed of Sunhi, Carole, Celia and Stephanie S. beat the Whitlock team to win the Trophy - Congratulations !
    • 1 team
    • players with 5 years and less experience

Event details:

  • Centennial - Mary McGuire : The team of Wendy, Sunhi, Louise and Johanne won the Centennial District 1 pin, next game in Alexandria for the championship on November 30th 
  • Evening ladies / Gillies Wallingford: the Team of Wendy, Claire, Victoria and Stephanie P. played in the Evening Ladies final but unfortunately lost.
  • St-George : The Team of Claire, Wendy, Louise, and Johanne won the trophy !
  • Tobin-Earle (5 years and under curlers): No club participation.
  • Debutantes (5 years and under curlers): the team of Celia, Stéphanie P, Stéphanie S. and Lucie C. won their first game against Pointe Claire and lost their second game by one point against Whitlock - Bravo!
  • Lady Tweedsmuir
  • McCallum FIlly - Hamilton Shield (7 years and under curlers), the Centre 1 and 2 playdowns were played in St-Lambert on January 31, 2024. The team of Marie-Hélène, Celia/Shantak, Johanne and Victoria did not qualify for the McCallum Filly Trophy but finished second for the 1-2 centre for the Hamilton Shield Trophy
  • McDonald Patterson Roy - No club participation

The information is also posted on the bulletin board in the women's locker room

For more information on the league, please visit the website:

In charge of the league for the club: Marie-Hélène Biffi