Match play - Thursday

 Round 2 - Schedule - Results - Season 2023/2024 

 Round 2 - Final Ranking - Season 2023/2024 

 Round 1 - Final Ranking - Season 2023/2024 

Available players for replacement:

Beaumier Alain
Bilodeau Kevin
Chouinard Gilles
Dumont Gary
Fournier Denis
Fillion Guy
Gagnon Carole
Harrisson Raphael
Nicolas Jérémy
Rassart Eric
McEvoy Stephen
Suchecki John





A competition with results counted individually.

Teams are drawn each game.

It allows players to play with different teammates every week.

The score is recorded differently for the  Match Play:

  1. The Team with the Hammer has to score at least 2 points to win the end.
  2. The Team without the Hammer has to steal at least 1 point to win the end.
  3. If an end is not won, it carries over to the next end, and the winner of the next end will win that end, plus the carry-over end(s). If the 8th end is not won, a draw to the button will be made by a designated player among all players on the team, and the team with the throw closest to the button wins the points at stake.
  4. ​The Hammer turns over every end, regardless of who wins the end, or if the end is not won. Each team will therefore have the Hammer 4 times in each game.
  5. ​The number of ends a team wins in a game (win or lose) will be used for each player's standing.
    (Ex. if your team wins 5 ends in a game, then 5 points will be added to your standing).
  6. If you miss your game and have not found a replacement, you will receive no points for that game.
    It is each player’s responsibility to find their own Spare. Send an email to the substitutes for a substitution request indicating the date and time of the game, and copy the captain of the team you were to play with as well as the league manager. If you have difficulty finding a replacement, please contact the responsible of the league.
  7. The replacing player must play at the position of the replaced player, or at a lower position by rearranging the team according to the decision of the team.
  8. ​Teams are responsible for marking their scores. If no score is marked it will be taken as a Zero.
  9. All other rules of curling apply

Responsable: Michel Leblanc