Friday Night Fun

Our last game of the season will be held on April 22, 2022. See you next Fall!


Games start at 7:30 pm

 Result and Schedule 3rd ROUND  

 Result and Schedule 2nd ROUND  

 Result and Schedule 1st ROUND  


Please consult schedule for spare list



Team make-up: Don’t give up on your balanced Mixed team yet. Only C.C.A. recognized format of Mixed teams will have eligibility to participate in events organized by Curling Québec and or the ARCM and only those teams can vie for a spot to compete against other clubs in Mixed Team format competitions. Teams may have more than four players but will have to be represented at game time adhering to the basic rule of one member from the opposite sex.


* Curling is all about inclusiveness and good sportsmanship. Should there be interested curlers without a team, please consider making room for them on yours as either a 5th or 6th player if you are approached.